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Welcome to the October Edition of the IACCM Contracting Excellence Newsletter. Your digest of news, events and articles from IACCM's global contributors.



IACCM What's New

Tim Cummins The winner of the “Market Shaper” Award

The Financial Times Intelligent Business Awards 2019

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IACCM Research Forum 2020 Enrolment is now underway

Leading practices for post-award Contract Management

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Behavioral impact on negotiations research

IACCM and the University of California survey

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Recent Articles

Sally Guyer 2

Contracts as Boundary Objects: What does this mean and why should we care? by Sally Guyer

In a world where environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) is at the top of Corporate Agendas and where 181 CEOs have publicly stated that putting purpose above profit is essential, I would argue that we should all care.  Here’s why.

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Back view of businessman standing on road and looking far away

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT – VICTOR PERTON INTERVIEW Let optimism wrap its arms around you!

If you confide in Victor Perton that you are discouraged and pessimistic, he’s likely to smile, pull out a mirror, let you see your reflection, and hand you a marker. What’s he up to? It’s your first lesson in optimism!

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double exposure of businessman or salesman handing over a contract on wooden desk

Aligning expectations with requirements – what does the contract say? by Tamara McMahon

Sales, sales sales! How does this affect the bottom line? Keep inventory low. Keep the shareholders happy. We hear these phrases every day and we measure our performance in terms of sales, inventory and bottom line.

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Young woman speaking in megaphone against full moon

New procurement guidelines shed light on secrecy versus public right to know by Caroline Anstey and Charles Kenny

Every year, governments worldwide buy and sell property, goods and services worth trillions of dollars – from office supplies to mining concessions; from teacher contracts to power plant construction. But the terms of sale and purchase—the contracts—are usually kept secret. That’s a problem. Too many contracts are unpublished (or redacted) and unavailable to the public due to confidentiality concerns.

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Rear view of businesswoman pointing at drawn target

PERFORMANCE BASED CONTRACTING Leap before you look and miss your targeted outcome! by Dr. Andrew Jacopino

Many buyers use Performance Based Contracts (PBCs) to contract for outcomes, because they are attracted by the simplicity of using PBCs. But this could be a costly mistake if you do not first carefully plan, set up and execute the requirements of your PBC.

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Hand Drawn Time for Transformation Concept  on Small Green Chalkboard. Business Background. Top View. 3d.

Thought Leadership Webinar: Transforming Post-Award Contract Management: A New Approach to Generate Improved Results

While post-award contract management has gained in status over recent years, it continues to struggle to gain the levels of recognition and investment that it deserves.  A study undertaken for IACCM’s Research Forum has identified opportunities and methods to generate far better results. The study found that organizations can take immediate steps to reduce value erosion and benefit from incremental revenues or cost savings by applying greater discipline in their segmentation of contract relationships. In this webinar, the lead researchers will discuss their findings and implications for ‘world class’ contract management.

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future technology. touch button inerface illustration on blue background-1

Ask the Expert: Technology how much and how soon?

Technology – how much, how soon? With so much attention being paid to emerging technology, CCM groups are increasingly aware of the need to automate. But is automation at a stage where it can usefully be deployed – or alternatively, are our processes sufficiently mature to take advantage of automation? What is the current and planned state of technology - when is the right time for adoption?

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Double exposure of businessman hand working with new modern computer and business strategy as concept

Ask the Expert: Construction contracts are a burden and a bore: how can we change that?

The UK Construction industry depends on standard forms contracts to manage its projects. Yet the average length of the legal contents of one of these standard forms is over 50,000 words, after the inevitable schedule of changes (or 'butchering' according to one subcontractor) by lawyers. These complex, paper-based and one-sided contracts are fit for only one purpose: the legal enforcement of rights and remedies. Project partners need contracts to help them build trust and manage the project, not just avoid or manage disputes.

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Automation & Systems

IACCM Capgemini contract automation software comparison tool

The market for contract automation tools and systems is complex, and IACCM provides a source of unbiased guidance that simplifies selection procedures for everyone

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IACCM Research

IACCM 2019 Benchmark Report

More than 750 organizations participated in IACCM's latest study, which covers all the critical areas of organizational design and performance. Reporting lines, performance measures, role and responsibilities, headcount, sources of learning - these and more are covered with extensive data, analysis, and IACCM observations and commentary. When reviewing the findings, please remember that in many cases they may reflect an average. Where necessary, you may wish to contact us to obtain more precise data applicable to your industry or size of organization. Equally, you may wish to contact us about undertaking a process capability assessment and workshop to assist your improvement journey.

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Recent IACCM Webinars

3d business chart showing growth - isolated over a blue background

Ask the Expert: Exploring the 2019 Benchmark Report

This webinar will discuss the 2019 IACCM Benchmark Report. The report provides a wealth of data and insight to the current state of contract and commercial management. One of the many areas we have researched is to understand what major initiatives contracts and commercial teams are currently undertaking. The list is very interesting - and the differences between buy-side and sell-side priorities even more so! Our report explains the implications and the reasons - along with a myriad of data regarding performance measurements, headcount levels, the state of automation, skills and knowledge management and a host of other topics.

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City construction model with cogwheel mechanism on grunge background

Thought Leadership Webinar: Supplier-Led Innovation and Continuous Improvement - How best to achieve them in contracting

Innovation is critical to business success - and supplier-led innovation is recognized as being a major source. But is the potential being realized, and if not, why not?

IACCM has published a study that offers a series of ground-breaking insights that are of importance to both customers and suppliers. This is one of our most significant pieces of research this year and you don't want to miss this session! It clearly demonstrates IACCM's thought leadership and value add and we are very proud of the research.  In this webinar, Tim Cummins, Tony Morgan two of the report's authors will discuss the key enablers and point to the inhibitors that are currently constraining the value and volume of supplier-led innovation.

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social network 3d on world map and hand drawn business strategy as concept

Ask the Expert: Tips for managing vendor-to-supplier-to-customer contract relationships

Commercial contract negotiation is hard enough when only two parties are involved, but many of today's complex offerings require the co-ordination of multiple supplier solutions to deliver a single customer outcome. In this webinar, contract managers and business leaders will be given various strategies and best practices to assist in better understanding the risks and managing the implementation of these complex contractual relationships.

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