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Welcome to the June Edition of the IACCM Contracting Excellence Newsletter. Your digest of news, events and articles from IACCM's global contributors.



IACCM What's New

Americas Conference Phoenix, Arizona

EarlyBird - 30% discount until 15 July 

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Open Contracting Partnership

Sally Hughes announced as Chair of the Board

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IACCM Negotiation Master Class

A new online training program

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Recent Articles

Hand with marker writing KPI

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT Not performing a metrics-based program in your legal department? Not smart! by Amber Bass

If you are not using metrics to measure your legal and contracting processes, this article will tell you why this neglect is very shortsighted even though it’s popular with many contract and legal experts.   Amber explains how using metrics can replace risk of failure with measurable value to your clients and legal departments. She also spotlights common misconceptions held by too many professionals…

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Man sitting next to a drawing of a planet with different icons

STATEMENTS OF WORK Draft outcome-driven descriptions to simplify your job by David W. Tollen

In contracts about complicated services, the hardest terms to draft appear in statements of work. SoWs for large projects demand long lists of duties from the vendor. And usually they’re interwoven with supporting tasks from the customer and its other suppliers, along with countless contingencies, assumptions, and exceptions. Putting all those pieces into an effective contract challenges the best drafters. The result is often hundreds of pages of baffling mess. Yet the path to good drafting is simple: write outcome-driven descriptions. In other words, describe the technology the vendor will create or run or both, and then stop typing.

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Business man pointing to transparent board with text Lessons Learned

She gives a shout out for IACCM and tells why by Cecilia Middleton

In reflecting on her experience in participating in IACCM’s certification and educational programs she shares these comments about the benefits…

Accenture has benefited directly from its liaison with the IACCM in two tangible ways.

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Making strategic sourcing and collaboration choices before you contract

CONTRACT NEGOTIATING When your ‘great’ deal fails, it might be good news! by Paul Paskins

Is a great deal a good idea? It’s a silly question, right? If you succeed in negotiating a strong agreement which seems great for your organization and is better than you and your colleagues could ever have imagined, then you will, of course, be a ‘winner.’ Well, maybe just for the short term. Can you ever sign a deal that is simply too good? The answer is a resounding ‘yes.’

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Can you deal with risky stakeholders? Absolutely! Here’s how

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT Fast track from planning meeting to playbook in just a few hours! by Henal Patel

If your team has been spending many hours brainstorming for days -- trying to create a contract playbook but you’re getting nowhere -- there’s hope. Henal Patel tells how his organization discovered a way to get the job done quickly. You can do this too. Here is what he has learned about the contract playbook design and one tool you might want to use to create your own unique playbook.

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risk management

Contract and Commercial Management 2019: invest to do less by Craig Conte

I started my legal career in New York in the late 1990's when Palm Pilots and pagers roamed the Earth, coffee bars were becoming a thing, everyone thought that if you added “.com” to your company it was worth 10x more and no one knew what a subprime mortgage was. Law firms basically lived on the concept that “more” was good (this also applied to lunches, and may have actually been the peak of human existence, but that is a completely different story).

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Businessman examining document in hands. Signing contract

Does my Company need Contract Management? by Hildegard Tuch

Too many organizations in the world still do not have a solid contract management program in place. This often pulls hidden risk into the business -- risk that can be easily avoided. Just becoming aware of this and being willing to take protective measures is an essential first step in the right direction.

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Silhouette of human head with gears mechanism instead of brain

With the rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robots, will we have jobs? by Bruce Everett

The headline, Your job as a human: Nobel Laureate calls for open arms jumped out of The Sydney Morning Herald on Dec 14, 20181. Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize laureate, was calling for people to open their arms to refugees. It prompted me to reflect on our job as human beings and, with the rise of robots and artificial intelligence, what form our jobs will take in the future of work.

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Handshake in a successful business meeting at the office

CONTRACT & CLAIM NEGOTIATING Seven knowledge steps are critical by Erfan Ghassempour

We all negotiate throughout our lives. In fact, it’s often hard to get through a day without haggling over a price, discussing the terms of a job offer with an employer, asking for a pay raise from our superior, persuading our colleagues to support a new business proposal…and so on.  

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light bulb 3d on business strategy background as concept

Ask the Expert: Commercial Transformation Alliance - Innovation

Join Adrian Furner as he talks us through what the Commercial Transformation Alliance is and how it is looking at Innovation and what is possible now.

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Webinar - AI Driven Contract Management - Speed and Control CAN co-exist

Webinar - AI Driven Contract Management - Speed and Control CAN co-exist

Cutting through the hype around Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Applied Artificial intelligence is transforming contract management processes today.  Selective application of AI capabilities enables businesses to achieve contract management objectives at an unprecedented speed while simultaneously having complete control over those contract processes.

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Pretty businesswoman talking in microphone during conference in meeting room

IACCM Member Meeting - Houston, TX

Please join us during the afternoon of July 16th for an IACCM member meeting in Houston Texas to be held at the ConocoPhillips headquarters. You will have the opportunity to network and hear from experts with insights on topics important to your business.  This valuable session is free and open to anyone working and/or interested in the contracting and commercial management area. Please register through the link below to reserve your seat.  We look forward to seeing you there.

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Automation & Systems

IACCM Capgemini contract automation software comparison tool

The market for contract automation tools and systems is complex, and IACCM provides a source of unbiased guidance that simplifies selection procedures for everyone

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Recent IACCM Webinars

Less is More sign with clouds and sky background

Ask The Expert: The Rise of The Contract Designer - Contract Simplification and Design Explained

Contracts should be usable and useful to the people in charge of implementing them. They can offer a competitive advantage in terms of transparency and trustworthiness. Clear easy to read contracts allow a deal to close faster. This Ask The Expert explores the Rise of the 'Contract Designer'. Perhaps you have seen the research showing how visualization and simplification can improve understanding across the language barriers of the global market, helping to communicate what the contract intends to communicate, not just be a document for lawyers.

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future technology. touch button inerface illustration on blue background

Ask The Expert: The FinTech Five: Focus Negotiations for FinTech Agreements

Financial Technology otherwise referred to as 'fintech' is the latest disrupting trend in both the consumer and business financial industry. The broad and diverse world of fintech suppliers paired with the ever-evolving landscape of new regulations makes contracting with fintechs a challenge.

With every data breach that occurs, there is a heightened focus on ensuring our contract terms offer us protections with the sensitive consumer or business information that is shared.  This webinar will demonstrate the top five contracting terms to focus on when engaged in the contracting with a financial technology. 

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Procurers Concept. Word on Folder Register of Card Index. Selective Focus.

Webinar - How to Evolve Your Contract Management

It can be difficult to get contract management right, so improving and further streamlining contract management processes for increased impact need to continuously be a focal point for organizations. Learn how to evolve your contract management.

Understanding the possibility of automated contract lifecycle management (CLM) starts by taking the necessary steps to assess the current impact and areas of need for your contract management. Learn how to evaluate and build a better business case so your organization can evolve their contract management.

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